Sell My Home

Five home selling tips that will SELL your home!

Price it right!

Let me help you find out what your home is worth. Be the more competitive price in the market and be ready for multiple offers! It might sound counterintuitive but buyers know a good price when they see it and in today’s market multiple offers will get you the highest price.


quaint 1950's style Florida home in historic neighborhoodMake a good first impression

Good curb appeal shows that a house is well taken care of. It also makes buyers feel welcome. There are many ways to seasonally update the exterior with perennials that add bright colors and appeal.

Let your home appeal to as many buyers as possible

Get rid of clutter and too much personalization. Place ¼ to 1/3 of your personal stuff in storage. This includes memorabilia, personal photos, etc. Leave your closets half empty by limiting your clothes to the bare essentials. For an additional touch, you can hire a staging company to help out with this process and make your home appealing to most.

Living roomBe ready to show at all times

The less restrictions you place on showing your home the more buyers will come through the door. Make sure it is always clutter free and ready to show on a short notice. Weekends and evenings are often pick times for showings.

Beautify your kitchen!

Updating the kitchen is a winning move. An outdated kitchen might result in a hefty credit request while updating the kitchen is not that expensive. Sometimes all it takes is a brand new neutral color on the walls, new cabinet doors and a couple of good brand appliances. Voila, your tired 1980’s kitchen layout meets the 21st century standards! And no clutter on the counter…